Thursday, October 10, 2019

19.00 – 21.00 Welcome Reception / Cankarjev dom
Included in the fee for participants.


Friday, October 11, 2019

20.00 – 22.30 Conference Dinner/Ljubljana castle
Price 70 EUR/person.



Friday, October 11, 10.00 – 12.00

Ljubljana Sightseeing – walking tour:

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a dynamic Central European city lying.  Ljubljana’s geographical position has governed its colourful past, since it is situated on a natural passage leading from Central Europe to the Mediterranean and toward the East called the “Ljubljana Gate.” It is not by pure coincidence that trade routes and waves of migration have passed through it since centuries. From the times of the first settler’s right down to the present day, the transit character of this area has stimulated the constant growth of economic and cultural ties with other cities and nations. From its very beginnings, Ljubljana’s culture and lifestyle has been attuned to contemporary currents in Europe, while both the Central European and the Mediterranean spirit have influenced the temperament of its residents. Ljubljana’s appearance and flair has charmed many visitors. The traveller will find here a unique combination of a tranquil capital city bubbling with the spiritual energy of the nation. It is the political and cultural heart of the Slovenian nation. Its geographical position in the centre of Europe has determined Ljubljana as a natural meeting place for merchants and soldiers as well as - and more than once - peacemakers. The victors of the Napoleonic wars selected this peaceful city as the site of the Holy Alliance congress, which in 1821 sealed the European political geography for years to come.

In Ljubljana the old meets the new; and it seems that history has spent all of the settlement's five millennia preparing it to become the nation's capital. It has managed to retain traces from all periods of its rich history; from the legacy of Roman Emona; through to the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods characterized in the house fronts and ornate doorways of the city centre, the romantic bridges adorning the Ljubljanica river, the lopsided rooftops and a park reaching deep into the city centre. Here eastern and western cultures met; and the Italian concept of art combined with the sculptural aesthetics of Central.


Price: 20 EUR per person/min 10 person


  • English-speaking guide
  • ride with funicular and back to Ljubljana castle



Cancellation of tourist programme

All cancellations must be sent in writing to Conference Secretariat. For cancellations received before September 19, 2019, an administrative fee in the amount of 10 EUR will be charged to your credit card or applied toward the refund of payment made by bank transfer. Cancellations received after September 19, 2019 are not refundable.