Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is an outstanding honor for me to invite you to the Fifth Congress of the European Society for Vascular Medicine (ESVM), a federation of national societies of angiology/vascular medicine in Europe. The main program of the ESVM is aimed at a unified approach to the building and development of our branch of medicine and at strengthening its position in European countries. Annual meetings of the ESVM represent one of the possibilities of how to achieve this. After having previous meetings in Berlin, Rome, Graz and Prague, the next annual congress will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from October 10-12, 2019, together with gatherings organized by partners from the IUA and CEVF. Slovenian vascular specialists played an important role in the creation of the ESVM and they are also among the most active members of the Society. Their contribution to research, knowledge and clinical practice in the field of vascular diseases cannot be by any means overlooked. Even so, the scientific program of the congress should reflect the contributions of individual European countries to the common mission of the ESVM. We also wish to make you aware of your relationship to the ESVM. Every member of any national society of angiology in Europe is simultaneously a full member of this society. Your participation in the congress program by application of your communications, either oral or via poster presentation, will be absolutely appropriate, welcomed and appreciated. All organizers of the congress are looking forward to meeting you in October 2019 in Ljubljana!

Karel Roztocil, M.D., Ph.D., President of the ESVM